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Our Commitment

SRIAA offers information and organizes member activities events that take into account the unique circumstances financial advisors and institutions serving US investors, and particularly SEC-registered investment advisors (RIAs) are confronted with. 


RIAs are subject to multiple laws, regulators and SROs in multiple jurisdictions. At our regular SRIAA Academy events and via our various other events and activities, we aim to update and educate our members in a manner that is time- and cost-efficient to them. The educational content provided allows our members to more easily stay on top of the latest developments and to gain the necessary insights to run their business in a compliant and efficient manner, and to serve their clients even better.

Moreover, SRIAA aims to facilitate the collaboration, networking and exchange of know-how among our members and relevant service providers.

Member Services
  • Regular educational Academy events covering compliance, market developments and more

  • Monthly luncheons, offering a casual plattform for knowledge transfer and networking

  • Free newsletter, the Compliance Corner, with relevant information regarding SEC registration and compliance

  • Reduced rates to global top tier associations such as the US Investment Advisors Association (IAA)

  • Access to our members-only LinkedIn group

  • Collaborative workshops and business development sessions

Additional Information

For more details about a SRIAA Membership, please consult the following pages:


SRIAA has entered into a cooperation with the US Investment Advisors Association (IAA), which allows us to offer to our Full Members a SRIAA/IAA-Dual-Membership at discounted rates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

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