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American Investors Welcome

Contrary to the impression conveyed by the press and others, Switzerland has always stayed open to business with American investors, including those resident in the United States. A number of financial advisers and institutions continued working with US persons throughout the political and regulatory turbulence of recent years. Our members are among those firms who continue to welcome American clients, dedicated to providing high-quality services and compliant solutions.

American investors and those who serve their wealth planning and investment needs face rules that are particularly complex. Therefore, it is important for US investors to work with firms and professionals overseas who understand the ins and outs of those rules. 

Why Switzerland

When it comes to quality of service, rule of law, fiduciary and custodial safety, Switzerland is truly the top choice for private wealth management. Switzerland has a record of being one of the most reliable and secure countries in the world for the preservation of wealth. It stands for solidity and safety. Its freedom of trade and commerce, political stability and the strength of its currency, as well as its sophisticated financial system, continue to make it an ideal center for personal finance.


Possibly the most important factor for choosing financial services ‘made in Switzerland’ is the level of the country’s education. Professional skills and high-quality training are and will remain the country’s most important capital. Investors around the world have known all of this for over 200 years. Consequently, more than one third of the world’s private wealth is deposited and managed in Switzerland today.


For these and many other reasons, Switzerland offers the perfect hub for your wealth planning and wealth management needs.

Independent Asset Manager Model

In the role of an independent asset manager, and based on a clearly specified client mandate, the asset manager effectuates and monitors his clients’ investment strategies. For this purpose, a client provides a limited power of attorney to the asset manager, so one or more accounts specified by the client can be managed.

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