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What We Do

The Swiss Registered Investment Advisor Association (SRIAA) was created to assist SEC registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) as well as other professionals and financial institutions companies at serving the needs of US investors. Through its regular information, education and networking activities, SRIAA supports its members to offer high-quality services and compliant solutions, and to conduct their business according best practices. 


SRIAA is in contact with other associations representing the interests of advisors and their regulating bodies in order to advocate the interest of its members. 


Furthermore, SRIAA informs members about recent, relevant developments, represents the mutual interests of its members and when appropriate communicates with relevant stakeholders. If there are common issues and/or problems affecting the majority of its members, SRIAA will help in coordinating an effort to finding the optimal solution. This may include obtaining legal advice, or negotiating and advocating a solution on behalf of its members.

SRIAA brings peers together to facilitate contacts and provide platforms for networking.

SRIAA shall be a neutral and trusted resource for US investors seeking to engage a Swiss investment advisor.

SRIAA is a non-profit organization.

Further details can be found in our bylaws.

Mission Statement
  1. Provide SEC registered investment advisors with the relevant information, education and necessary tools to run their business more professionally and compliantly, allowing them to service their clients more comprehensively.

  2. Serve as the No. 1 place for networking of professionals dealing with US private clients.

  3. Help to bundle the energies and resources of its members, where possible, to strengthen its members’ position and make their voice heard, while achieving cost savings in the context of relevant legal issues and solutions.

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