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Exact dates and venues of the events are going to be published as soon as determined. 

Luncheon: SEC Registrations on Hold - Now What?!
February 2020  
What's going on? Are there any risks for existing Swiss RIAs? And, what can we do as SRIAA to ameliorate the situation?
For Members / Guests if space available 
Luncheon: SRIAA Member Areas of Synery - How/where can we join forces to benefit of all?
March 2020  
Brainstorming and discussion regarding possible areas of synergy, moderated by Michel Guignard. Are there areas in our businesses that could benefit from cooperation and coordination?
For Members / Guests if space available 
Academy: Gaps and Overlaps of SEC Regulations versus FIDLEG/FINIG -  Are you ready?
April 2020  
Which elements of FIDLEG/FINIG have RIAs already largely covered due to SEC requirements? Which gaps exist, which require a RIAs attention? Are there any conflicts between the two regulatory regimes?
Members for free / Non-Members CHF 350.-
Luncheon: ESG and Impact Investing - Expectations vs. Reality
May 8th, 2020 
Short presentation by A. Marchand, followed by a discussion, moderated by Peter Ackermann. What is ESG, Impact Investing and sustainability? How can an RIA address and manage these and related topics effectively and responsibly?
For Members / Guests if space available 
Annual General Meeting
May 2020  
Board Meeting followed by Annual General Meeting, including optional dinner.
For Board Members and Members only 
Annual Complance Training: Certified compliance training for SRIAA members
June 2020  
Annual compliance training organized by SRIAA, under the guidance of and provided by Dustin Milne. Certification letters provided to confirmed attendees.
Members for free / Non-Members CHF 350.-
Luncheon: Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology: What is it and what can it do beyond crypto currencies?
September 2020  

Blockchain is often immediately confused with Crypto assets and currencies. However, the proper application of blockchain is set to

revolutionize how we do business across most industries. Presentation, Business Case and discussion moderated by Frank Suess.

For Members / Guests if space available 
Annual SRIAA Forum: Economic & Geo- Political Outlook, combined with some fun
October 2020  
Economic & Geo-Political Outlook, in consideration of the impending US presidential election, with keynote presentations. Followed by a fun group event.
Members for free / Non-Members CHF 350.-   |   Sponsored by Pictet
Luncheon: DOJ status update what’s left in the wake of US investigations and the Swiss Bank Program?
November 2020  
Presentation by a Partner of Bratschi , followed by discussion, moderated by Florian Jörg.
For Members / Guests if space available 
Member Planning Workshop: What do we need to deal with in 2021? Followed by XMas Apéro
November 2020  

Workshop, moderated by Frank Suess & Michel Guignard. Participating members have a chance to share their concerns, pose questions and, jointly we will draft a possible list / outline for the activities plan for 2021. Moreover, we will follow up and more thoroughly discuss possible areas of synergy for SRIAA members.

For Members only

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