SRIAA Academy: Managing Cyber-Security in 2019
Apr 24, 2019, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Kessler & Co AG,
Forchstrasse 95, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland
About the Event

Practical Guidance on How to Address and Manage the Growing Technological and Regulatory Challenges of Cyber Security

Technology continues to integrate into every aspect of our lives. The Global Risks Report 2019 published by the World Economic Forum reveals that two of the top ten threats in terms of impact and likelihood are cyber-related.
The rise of cyber dependency due to the increasing digital interconnection of people, things and organizations can put us at risk of cyber-attacks, data fraud or theft, and even a critical infrastructure breakdown.

So, how do businesses navigate through the cyber risks landscape in 2019?
In this SRIAA Academy, we have brought together a group of technology and insurance practitioner to help us better understand the trends and challenges of cyber risks, and to give us their straight-forward and practical guidance on how to better address and manage those risks, in order to build a solid cyber security regime in terms of IT infrastructure, compliance and insurance, as well as operational procedures and business policies.

All SRIAA members can attend the event free of charge.
For non-members, a charge of CHF 100 applies.







Event Agenda

Guest Arrival

Frank R. Suess, SRIAA

Welcome and Introduction

Primo Amrein, Microsoft

The Evolving Nature of Cyber Risk and Mitigating Technology – plus, Key Principles of Security, Compliance, Data Confidentiality and Transparency

Manuel Pachlatko, Kessler & Co AG

The Impact of Cyber Risks on Businesses in Switzerland, and the Role of Insurance in Supporting Cyber Security and Risk Management

Sandro Meier, Vision Inside AG

IT Awareness in Your Business – A Real-Life Case Study, Practical Experiences and Trends, and Possible Measures

Frank R. Suess, SRIAA


Speakers & Sponsors
Vision Inside Logo

Sandro Meier, Lead ICT &
Managing Partner

Sandro Meier has had different roles in IT since 15 years. The previous years his focus was on consulting clients in IT-security for mobile work spaces. He knows the consumer needs of different industries and knows that security only works, if the user isn't over challenged.


Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead

Primo Amrein has worked for Microsoft since 12 years, where he had different roles in Sales, Marketing and Cloud Solutions. He now is the Cloud Lead for Microsoft Schweiz. He is Alumnus from the university of St. Gallen and holds a degree in Technology Management and an international CEMS.


Manuel Pachlatko, Special Risk Advisor

Manuel Pachlatko has been in different roles within the insurance industry for 8 years. His focus at Kessler & Co AG is on Special Risk Advisory like cyber criminality and how to protect against those risks.

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